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Welfare measures

Welfare measures: The concept of labour welfare is very broad and flexible. However, by any meaning, it aims at improving the living and working conditions of the workers and their family members. The Concept of Labour Welfare: The concept of labour welfare bears different interpretation from country to country and from time to time. According… Read More »

Hazardous Processes

Hazardous Processes: Disposal of Waste and Effluents: Hazardous Processes: Every occupier of a factory shall make effective arrangements for the treatment of wastes due effluents due the manufacturing process carried on in the factory, so as to render them innocuous and for their disposal. The State Government may make rules prescribing the arrangements to be… Read More »

Health environment facilities in Factories

Health environment facilities in Factories: Ventilation and Temperature: The every factory shall make effective and suitable provision for securing and maintaining in every workroom. Adequate ventilation by the circulation of fresh air and such a temperature as will secure to workers reasonable conditions of comfort and prevent injury to health. Power of the Government on… Read More »

Pressure Plant

Pressure Plant The following measures shall be taken for safe working of the pressure plant: Measures to ensure safe working pressure:- If in any factory, any plant or machinery or any part thereof is operated at a pressure above atmospheric pressure, effective measures shall be taken to ensure that the safe working pressure of such… Read More »

Hoists and Lifts

Hoists and Lifts Safeguard measures with regard to the hoists and lifts. These are discussed below: Good quality and proper maintenance: In every factory every hoist and lift shall be of good Mechanical construction, sound material and adequate strength. They shall be properly maintained, and thoroughly examined by a competent person at least once in… Read More »

Safety Fencing of Machineries

Safety Fencing of Machineries Safety Fencing of Machineries: Safety fences are one element in the tool box of safety components to fulfils the requirements of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC in order to provide compliant and safe machinery on the market. The intention of this document is therefore to give guidance on safety fences in terms… Read More »

Employees Health in factories

Employees Health in factories Employees Health in factories: Ensuring cleanliness in factories is essential need for all the employees. It requires that every factory shall kept clean and free from effluent arising from any drain, or other nuisance. This Section lays down following provisions in this respect: All the accumulated dirt and refuse shall be… Read More »