Industrial Safety


Combustion: Waste incineration involves the application of combustion processes under controlled conditions to convert waste materials to inert mineral ash and gases. The three Ts of combustion (temperature, turbulence, and residence time) must be present along with sufficient oxygen for… Read More »Combustion

Solid Waste

Introduction Before introducing solid wastes management, let’s start with a discussion of the material being managed – solid waste. Solid wastes refers to the range of garbage arising from animal and human activities that are discarded as unwanted and useless.… Read More »Solid Waste


Workers I Role

Workers I Role No success is possible without worker’s efforts and co-operation for any safety or housekeeping program. This should be thought to them from their initial training. Creating and maintaining their interest is most important. It is the management’s… Read More »Workers I Role

Safety Engineer's Role

Safety Engineer’s Role

Safety Engineer’s Role Need for Overall Co-Operation: After setting up of policy and program for good housekeeping and division of responsibility to implementation and compliance up to the floor level. It becomes necessary that ail plant ,people must whole-hearted co-operate… Read More »Safety Engineer’s Role