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The Factories Act 1948

The Factories Act 1948 as amended from time to time The Factories Act, 1948 (Act No. 63 of 1948), as amended by the Factories (Amendment) Act, 1987 (Act 20 of 1987)), serves to assist in formulating national policies in India with respect to occupational safety and health in factories and docks in India. It deals… Read More »

ON-SITE emergency plan for Safety in Industries

ON-SITE emergency plan for Safety in Industries ON-SITE emergency plan requires the following activities: Emergency organization Plant risk evaluation Medical facilities Emergency equipment and facilities Conveyance systems Notification and communication systems Safety training Drills and exercises Testing and evaluation of the emergency plan On-site emergency plan involves the following activities: Emergency Organization: The first and… Read More »

The Safety Education | Safety training

The Safety Education All employees are entitled to know about the hazards related to their job and to have the means to perform their duties safely. To ensure that this goal is met, the district will maintain a program of safety education and orientation for all staff. In order to continue to create a safety… Read More »

Classification of Accidents

CLASSIFICATION OF ACCIDENTS Classification of Accidents: There are several methods of classifying accidents some of the methods are as follows: Nature of Events Cause of Events Damage Caused Nature of Injury Length of Recover 1. Nature of Events: According to the nature of events accidents are classified as: Traffic accidents Passenger accidents Traffic Accidents: Collisions… Read More »

Industrial Accident

Industrial Accident: An accident (industrial) is a sudden and unexpected occurrence in the industry which interrupts the orderly progress of the work. According to the Factories Act, 1948: “It is an occurrence in an industrial establishment causing bodily injury to a person who makes him unfit to resume his duties in the next 48 hours“.… Read More »

Nature of Accidents

Nature of Accidents: The nature of accidents may vary from industry to industry. An employee may be caught in a machine while working on it; or he may fall against a machine; he may fall from a height while engaged on a particular task; or explosives used carelessly may explode. These accidents may result in… Read More »

Welfare and Safety in Industries

Welfare and Safety Welfare and Safety: Welfare work aims at providing such service facilities and amenities as would enable the workers employed in industries/factories to enable their work in healthy congenial surroundings conducive to good health and a high morale. It is partly Humanistic because it enables the workers to enjoy a fuller and richer… Read More »

Accident costs – Direct and Indirect costs of accidents

Accident costs: Accident costs: Accident cause enormous crisis directly or indirectly. The losses incurred due to accidents could be visible as well as invisible. Certain losses can be evaluated in terms of money whereas certain Diner losses cannot be evaluated in monetary terms. Whenever an industrial accident occurs, it gives se to pain for the… Read More »

Various aspect of Industrial accidents

The Various aspect of Industrial accidents: Various a aspect of Industrial accidents: A work accident, workplace accident, occupational accident or accident at work is a “discrete occurrence in the course of work” leading to physical or mental injury. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), more than 337 million accidents happen on the job each… Read More »

Organizational role of Safety & Health Management in Industries

The Organizational role of Safety & Health Management in Industries General safety Guidelines for Organizational role of Safety In every organization a set of rules must well formed to promote safety of employees and prevent the direct and indirect costs of accident. Following points should taken into consideration while formulating safety rules. The safety Guidelines… Read More »