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Effects of Vibration on Human Body

Vibration: Effects of Vibration on Human Body: Vibration produces high noise level and can cause problems of human body, machines and structures. Effects of Vibration on Human Body Low frequency vibration (3-6 Hz) can cause the diaphragm in the chest region to vibrate in sympathy giving rise to feeling of nausea. This resonance phenomenon is… Read More »

Personal protection for Ear

Personal protection for ear (for the receiver) Personal protection for Ear: The two major methods of personnel protection are the provision of a quiet room or peace haven d the wearing of ear muffs or ear plugs. The peace haven similar in construction to an acoustic enclosure and used to keep the noise out. Ear-muffs… Read More »

Noise Control Techniques

Noise Control Techniques: Noise Control Techniques: Before considering method of noise control it is important 0 remember that the noise at any point may be due to more than one source and that additionally it may be aggravated by noise reflected from walls (reverberant noise) as well as the noise radiated directly from the source.… Read More »

Effect of noise on Human ear

Effect of noise on Human ear The ear: Effect of noise on Human ear: The sound pressure waves enter the auditory canal and cause the Eardrum (Tympanic Membrane) to move in sympathy with the pressure fluctuations. Three minute bones called the Hammer, Anvil arid the Stirrup (the Ossicles) transmit the Vibrations via the Oval window… Read More »

Specification of Industrial Noise & Vibration Systems

Specification of Industrial Noise & Vibration Systems: Specification of Industrial Noise: The effect of Noise on men; measurement and evaluation of noise, vibration damping, noise isolation, noise absorption – silencers, practical aspects of control of noise- case studies on impact of noise from Compressors and Generators. Vibration: Effect, Measurement and control. Noise is a sound… Read More »

Natural Wet Bulb Thermometer

Natural wet bulb thermometer (ta, wb): Natural Wet Bulb Thermometer instrument consists of mercury-in- glass thermometer, whose bulb is covered by a highly absorbent fabric wick, woven cotton being the most suitable. A recommended range for the thermometer is -5°C to 50°C, with O.5°C graduations. The accuracy should be at least +0.5°C. The wick extends… Read More »

Heat stress indices

Heat stress indices: In order to assess the total heat stress imposed on man by any working environment, an integrated approach evaluating both the climate and non climatic factors which are likely to influence the, eat-exchange between man and his environment.. In view of this many heat stress indices have been evolved from time to… Read More »

Psych meter, Kata thermometer, Globe Thermometer

Psychometric – Instrument used for measuring air temperature and humidity: Psych meter, Kata thermometer, Globe Thermometer : The psycho-meter basically consist of two thermometers -a ‘dry bulb’ and a wet bulb’ – over which air passes at a certain speed. Dry bulb thermometer just a liquid (most frequently used liquid mercury) in glass thermometer. Wet… Read More »

Heat Stress Management in Industries

Heat Stress Management in Industries: Heat Stress Management in Industries: Problems of heat stress are very common in some industries such as Iron and steel Mills, glass and Ceramic Units; Forge shops, Foundries, Bricks and Tiles Factories, Thermoelectric plants;  Cements, Coke ovens, Laundries, Mines and many others. There are many work places in thee. units… Read More »

Ventilation Systems

Specification of Industrial Ventilation Systems To keep the air temperature low enough are work place to easel sooty to dissipate by conventions to prevent excessive humanity. The functions which ventilation has to perform can be classified as maintain the oxygen content of the air and to prevent C02 concentrations from rising, To prevent harmful concentration… Read More »