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Colors and colour schemes for Warning Signs

Colors and colour schemes: Colors and colour schemes: The main thing is to US- colors with suitable light reflecting properties, but it is also important to employ colors and colors schemes which will be easy to “live with” Large expenses of vivid color may seem cheerful and effective at a casual glance, but often lose… Read More »

Lighting Maintenance

Lighting Maintenance: Lighting Maintenance: Unless a lighting installation is properly maintained, lamp depreciation and dirtee accumulation on the fittings will case an increasing loss of light, in some circumstances this can cut he illumination level by half in the space of only few months. When choosing equipment, make sure that it will be easy to… Read More »

Installation planning of Lighting

Installation planning: Installation planning of Lighting: Three main types of artificial lighting installation are used in factories and offices, namely: Uniform general lighting General, plus local supplementary lighting Localized general lighting. The choice depends on the natural and location of visual tasks to be performed. Uniform general lighting A uniform general lighting installation may be… Read More »

Lighting Systems in Industries

Introduction: Lighting Systems: Good lighting is becoming increasingly recognized as an important aid to management in achieving high productivity and in providing satisfactory working conditions for employees which will able them to work efficiently, accurately and safely with minimum fatigue. Basic requirement of Lighting system in industries: Make the task easy to see: Besides providing… Read More »