Causes of Poor Housekeeping

By | April 5, 2021

Causes of Poor Housekeeping

These are well evident from above tables.

The causes contributing the maximum accidents are

  • Stepping on or striking against objects
  • Persons falling
  • Handling goods or articles
  • Struck by falling bodies
  • Use of hand tools
  • Others or miscellaneous. The details or sub causes can be had from the actual accident reports.

But some are as follows:

  • Accidents due to poor or bad housekeeping i.e. their causes are; striking against or falling over machine parts, material or other obstructions left laying in passageways, cuts from objects left protruding from benches and especially on construction sites punctures by nails protruding from objects or laying anywhere, falls on floors left slipper, greasy or damp, badly stacked materials, fires due to accumulation of combustible waste or storage of excessive quantities of flammable materials, cabinet drawers left open, dangerous dust or chemicals on floors, and not cleaning them quickly, congested aisles, overloaded waste containers, disorderly lockers and wash-rooms, dirty and unsafe walls, ceilings and window, lint and dust 0 bearings of machines, tools left on machines or walkways, poor lighting, unsafe handling of chemicals; electric, air water steam and oil lines not properly maintained, no marking of safety signs, signals etc.

These should be the targets of planning for good housekeeping.

Methods of Prevention:

After knowing the causes and results of poor housekeeping as above, the methods of prevention are to be devices according to the need to remove them. Such methods are many. A few are given below:

General Considerations

The general considerations or essentials for preventive methods i.e. to achieve good housekeeping in a factory. In short they should include proper placement and use of hand tools, materials and ‘equipment’s, clear and unobstructed workplace, aisles stairs etc. speedy disposal of waste, scrap, splashes and obstructions, safe means of handling goods or articles, fenced floor-openings and wall openings etc. removal of possibilities of falling bodies, provision of sufficient containers for waste collection, avoidance or fencing of sharp edges, comers etc. safe and” efficient cleaning methods, good lighting, color and ventilation, proper marking and identification, protective equipment’s to cleaners and maintenance men, special areas for storage of raw. materials, finished product, tools and accessories, racks for hand tools or implements.

Disposal of Scrap and Trade Wastes

This is the major part of good housekeeping. Estimation of probable wastes in advance and planning lor suitable means of their collection and disposal in the most economical and orderly way is desirable. Separate sweeping service, sweepers with equipment’s, waste containers, methods of their transport and disposal, schedules of daily, weekly and special cleaning need attention. Such general service is not expected to pick up scrap, spoiled work, refuse, processed parts or tools. The plant workers are responsible for keeping such items off the floor. The supervisor/Forman is responsible for orderliness and cleanliness of his area. Instructions regarding hazards, on page 382 should be followed.

Prevention of Spillage

Oil, coolant, water and chemical splashes on floors are routine phenomena in industries. If they are not quickly and properly cleaned of, they cause. falls, burns etc. if the chemical is flammable, explosive, reactive or toxic, additional danger is added. The basic effort should start from the design of appropriate floor via acid proof lining, rubber lining, etc. drainage system for flow collection covering on channels, splash guards as on jigger machines, oil or coolant screens and collection trays, drip ‘pans to collect drip page etc. Damage to floors or such devices should be repaired immediately. Workers should trained to remove such spillages as early as possible.

Keeping of Gangways and other locations

The gangways, cat ways, internal roads and passages, aisles, stairs, ramps and working platforms also cause accidents due to frequency of. persons passing on them. Therefore they must properly marked, equipped with necessary handrails, footholds, fencing, lighting etc. and kept clean, dry and unobstructed. Similar marking and up keeping of other locations such as loading-unloading or receiving-dispatch points, parking area, store area, electrical switch yard, tool room, rest- room, lunch-room, sanitary block, washing centre, drinking water centre, firs-aid-centre, assembly points, emergency equipment points, fire protection points environment monitoring points. Effluent plants, scrubbers, dust bins, waste collection centers, dumping yard, scrap yard, storage tanks etc. are also necessary for good housekeeping.

Colors as an Aid

The subject of color separately dealt with lighting important to note here that proper colors selection for walls, cleaning, and passageways, machines, piping’s, railings, fencings,’ guards boundaries, fire equipment’s, lifting machines, warning signs, danger zones etc. play vital role in improving housekeeping. Statutory color-code, if any, should followed, otherwise the selection should based on the best effect and contrast necessary.

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