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Classification of Accidents


Classification of Accidents: There are several methods of classifying accidents some of the methods are as follows:

  1. Nature of Events
  2. Cause of Events
  3. Damage Caused
  4. Nature of Injury
  5. Length of Recover

1. Nature of Events:

According to the nature of events accidents are classified as:

  • Traffic accidents
  • Passenger accidents

Traffic Accidents:

  • Collisions with cars, buses and motor vehicles.
  • Collisions with pedestrians.

Passenger Accidents (Classification of Accidents):

  • Slips, stumbles, falls, etc.
  • Boarding moving car or bus.
  • S trucking by doors.

2. Cause of Events

According to the cause of events accident are classified as:

Machine Accidents:

  • Catching of tools, guides, flying particles in machines.
  • Catching of finger, arms, legs, clothing etc. in machines.

Non-machine Accidents:

  • Trailing of telephone cables on floor.
  • Pushes, bumps etc. by other persons, objects.
  • Objects on floor.

Classification of Accidents


3. Damage Caused:

  • Damage of property
  • Damaged material
  • Damage of buildings.

4. Natural of Injury:

  • Fatal accidents
  • Permanent accidents
  • Temporary accidents.

Fatal Accident: In such a accident persons are killed-

Permanent Accident (Classification of Accidents):

Due to this accident employee lose earning capacity. The employee is not capable of earning that much money which he was capable to earn before accident. The employee may cut his finger, arm or hand. It is of two types

  1. Total disablement
  2.  Partial disablement.

Temporary Accident:

In this accident worker is unfit temporarily and loses his earning capacity for a short time. Fracture of arm is example of temporary accident.

5. Length of Recovery (Classification of Accidents)

According to length of recovery accidents are classified as:

  1. First Aid cases
  2. Home case
  3. Lost time

First Aid Cases:

In these cases injuries (Ire minor. The workers are given first aid in the factory. After treatment the workers are ready to work. In this case no time is lost except when the first aid treatment is given.

Home Case (Classification of Accidents):

In this case medical treatment is firstly given at factory hospital and then worker is allowed to go home. The worker is allowed to be Away From duties for a maximum of 3 days. The worker recovers in this period and then resumes his duty. No compensation is paid in this CCISC.

Lost Time Accidents:

In this case the injuries serious and workers admitted to hospital. The worker away from duty from more days and compensation paid to the workers. The investigation of accidents done to find the causes of accidents.

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