By | March 26, 2021


What are Conveyors?

Various types of conveyors and mono-rail systems are used in many industries to eliminate manual labour, to expedite the movement of materials and also to facilitate the processing or assembling. Belt conveyor widely used and they of flat or troughed typed and can horizontal on inclined. They used for handling almost all the materials of modem industry including coal, coke, grain and building materials such as sand and gravel.

Some important safety measures are:

  • Conveyors shall be provide with automatic and continuous lubrication system or with lubricating facilities so arranged that oiling and greasing can be performed’. without the oiler coming into dangerous proximity of the moving parts.
  • Conveyors shall provided at loading and unloading stations and at other convenient places with devices for stopping the conveyor in emergency.
  • Conveyor shall so constructed and installed as to avoid hazardous points between moving and stationary parts or objects.


For repair maintenance work, power must totally stopped and danger-tag should be displayed.

  • When two or more conveyors operated together the controlling device shall -so designed that no conveyor can feed on to a stopped conveyor.
  • Where conveyor extend to points not, visible from the control station. They should equipped with gongs or signal lights to used by the operators before starting the machinery; so as to warm workers who might in position of danger.
  • Where workers have to cross over conveyor, regular crossing facilities affording safe passage and adequate lighting shall be provided.

Workers should not ride on conveyor.

  • Other types of conveyors are gravity conveyor either chate or roller type; screw conveyors (mostly used in cement, coal pulverizing and grain plants), power roller conveyor; overhead chain conveyor (to transport material from place to place) and aerial cable ways.

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