Effects of Vibration on Human Body: Vibration produces high noise level and can cause problems of human body, machines and structures.

Effects of Vibration on Human Body

  • Low frequency vibration (3-6 Hz) can cause the diaphragm in the chest region to vibrate in sympathy giving rise to feeling of nausea. This resonance phenomenon is often noticeable near to large slow speed diesel engines and occasionally ventilation system.
  • A similar resonance affecting the Head, Neck and Shoulder is noticeable in the 20-30 Hz frequency region while the eyeball has a resonant frequency in the 60 -90 Hz range.
  • The use of vibratory hand tools such as chipping hammers and drills which operate at highest frequencies can cause “Vibration Induced White finger“. The vibration causes the blood vessels to contract and restrict the blood supply to the fingers creating an effect similar to the fingers being cold.

Effects of Vibration on Human Body

  • The effect of vibration on human body will be dependent on the frequency; amplitude and exposure period and hence it is difficult to generalize oh what they will be. However, it is worthwhile remembering that in addition to the physiological effect, vibration can also have psychological effects such as loss of concentration.
  • It has also been reported to be an effective non-pharmacological intervention for patients with low back pain. Relatively short exposure to whole body vibration has also shown; to increase the serum levels of testosterone and growth hormone.
  • The combined effects on the neuromuscular system and endocrine system; seem to suggest its effectiveness as a therapeutic approach for sarcopenia and possibly osteoporosis. Due to the danger of long-term exposure to whole body vibration. It is important to develop safe exercise protocols in order to determine exercise programs for different populations.

Effects of Machinery Vibration on Human Body:

Effects of Vibration on Human Body

Vibration of machines can travel through structures of buildings and radiated as noise at distant points. Balancing of moving parts will improve vibration. Vibration of machineries reduced when;

  • Machines mounted on vibration isolators or dampers.
  • Machines installed on an inertia block with a dimpling sandwich in between.

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