Health effect of Industrial Pollution

By | December 20, 2020

The Industrial Pollution has effects on various substances as detailed below:-

On human health:-

Effect on human health by industrial pollution are:-

  • It causes irritation of eye, nose, throat respiratory tracts etc.
  • It increases mortality rate and morbidity rate.
  • A variety of particulates mainly pollens, initiate asthmatic attacks.
  • Chronic pulmonary diseases like bronchitis and asthma aggravated by high are concentration of SO2, NO2, particulate matter and photo-chemical smog.
  • Certain heavy metals like lead may enter the body through lungs and cause poisoning.

Effect On animal health:

effect of pollution on birds

  • In case of animals, the pollutants enter in two steps.
  • Accumulation of the airborne contaminants in the vegetation forage and prey animals.
  • Subsequent poisoning of the animals when they eat the contaminated food. In case of animals, three pollutants namely fluorine, arsenic and lead are responsible for most livestock damage.

On plants:

Industrial pollution have been shown to have serious adverse effects on plants. In some cases, it is found that vegetation over 150 Km. away from the source of pollutants have been found to be affected.

The major pollutants affecting plants are SO2, O3, MO, NO2, NH3, HCN, Ethylene, Herbicides, PAN (Peroxy Acetyl nitrate) etc. In the presence of pollutants, the healthy plants suffer from neurosis, chloros is, abscission, epinasty etc.

Effect on Human Health

The World Health Organization (WHO) revealed that outdoor air pollution accounts for about 2% of all lung and heart diseases. WHO also underscores, around 5% of all lung cancers and 1% of all chest infections are implications of outdoor air pollution.

Effect on human health

In brief, these statistics indicate just how industrial air pollution depreciates human health. For instance, one of the worst industrial disasters of all times that took place in Bhopal, India, in 1984 claimed the lives of more than 8,000 people and the effects were still being felt more than two decades later. This means, industrial air pollution may not manifest immediately but takes several years.

Industrial toxic and chemical wastes that disposed into water bodies or landfills are also responsible for cancers and human cell poisoning. For instance, exposure to inorganic arsenic causes tumor’s to form. Above all, industrial pollutants are responsible for thousands of illnesses and premature deaths across the globe.

Effect on Wildlife Extinction

The tendency of industrial and manufacturing processes that constantly demands production resources and repeated exploitation of raw materials has cumulatively led to the destruction of forests and the natural habitats that support wildlife.

Furthermore, these environmentally damaging materials take several years to clean-up thereby compounding the effects. For example, the BP oil accidental spill in 2012 claimed thousands of marine life, and some of them were among the rarest species on earth. Even after some time had passed, marine Wildlife Extinction animals continued to die.

Effect on Other Common Implications

Other common implications of industrial pollution encompass damage to structures and buildings and increased risks of different occupational hazards like exposure to asbestos, chemical dust, among other mineral or metallic particles.

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