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 Industrial Trucks

 Industrial Trucks:

 Industrial Trucks

Power trucks usually operate on storage batteries or internal combustion engines and extensively used in factories for handling of materials to and from stockpiles. To and from machines and on through to warehouse or loading platforms.

These Industrial Trucks are of many types, such as fixed platform, elevating platform, fork lift, etc. The elevating type of platform is inserted under the skid elevated to lift it from the floor and the truck carries it to some other point.

The forklift truck makes the lift by means of two prong fork instead of a platform. And lifts the load up from the floor permitting high piling to conserve space.

They could also fitted with special attachments for handling barrels, paper reels, etc.

Industrial Trucks


Safety precautions to be observed in operation of fork lift truck are:

  • The capacity of every lift truck should marked on the truck and they should not overloaded.
  • Loaded or empty forks should carried as low as possible but high enough not to strike a ramp.
  • Care must be taken to avoid jerking when tilting a load forward or backward, specially when the load is at a height.
  • Personnel must not allowed to ride on the forks.
  • Forks should driven well under the load, preferably full length or at least 2/3 of the length.
  • When there is a danger of falling objects over the operator, canopy guard should provided.
  • Aisles, floor, etc., should maintained in good condition including proper lighting.

Industrial trucks

Built-in-Safety features are overhead guard, overload warming devices, control levers, stability test, static; And dynamic load test for overhead guard, brakes test, forks, load test for 3 times the rated load per fork, lifting chain load test for 5 times the rated load. Other power trucks such as reach truck (carrying load under wheel base), side loaders ( Industrial Trucks with side forks), picking trucks (to pick up material at different places from storage racks), pallet tracks (with forked platform mouthed on small wheels to go under a pallet), platform trucks, tractor-trailor train, straddle trucks, straddle carries Industrial Trucks and driver less electric trucks may be used as per requirement.

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