Inspection and Inspection Checklists

By | April 5, 2021

Inspection and inspection checklists

An Inspection and inspection checklists is the quality control of accident prevention work. Purpose of Housekeeping inspector, to detect the items or causes of bad housekeeping to remove them. Such inspection an individual such as supervisor, inspector, plant in-charge, safety engineer/officer, superintendent or by a housekeeping committee or team. consisting some of them as per requirement. Instead of inspecting own department, advisable to inspect another’s department to avoid any favor. Monthly inspection is sufficient. It may weekly also.

For a systematic inspection, a check list should be prepared covering our own plant details and specific requirements’. Condition ratings should also fix for easy marking or evaluation.

A model category with score (marks) 0 to 10 is described below:

  • Excellent Housekeeping (Score 10.0 to 8.1) General appearance very neat & tidy Gangways very clean. Pieces of cotton Materials stored in very orderly manner. Portable machines, hand tools, equipment. etc. kept tidily and in orderly manner. No leakage in compressed air line, cables, etc. Roofs, fixtures and fittings, etc. free from cobwebs.
  • Good Housekeeping (Score 8,0 to 6.1) General appearance clean, Gangways and shop area fairly clean. Most of the materials stored properly. Machines, equipment’s kept clean No cobwebs on roofs, fixtures and fittings.
  • Average housekeeping (Score 6.0 to 4.1) General appearance satisfactory. Gangways free from materials, cotton:
  • Waste or pieces of papers, cleanliness on the remaining floor area average. Machines and equipment’s kept reasonably clean. Roofs, fixtures and fittings not thoroughly free from cobwebs.
  • Below Average Housekeeping (Score 4.0 to 2.1) General appearance not satisfactory Gangways partly blocked:
  • With materials. Few pieces of cotton waste seen on the gangways other shop area not clean. Machines and surroundings not clean. Cobwebs on roofs and walls, fixtures and fittings not clean.
  • Poor Housekeeping (Score 20 to 00) General cleanliness much below the required lever. Gangways blocked with materials and pallets. Piece- of papers, cotton waste seen on the stacked proper.

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