Management of Housekeeping

By | March 26, 2021

Management of Housekeeping:

“Good housekeeping helps productivity and reduces accidents.”

What is Management of Housekeeping?

Usefulness of Good Housekeeping:-

  • If the need, usefulness, results, advantages or effects of good housekeeping are known or explained in the beginning, it help’ to provide zeal to maintain it.
  • Therefore¬† maintenance and working as complementary to it, both increase overall safety and productivity.
  • Clean, hygienic and safe plant environment increases attractiveness and Morales of the employees.
  • “Machines, tools and equipment’s work better in clean condition and boost up the workmanship. tools are placed in easy to find manner jobs run smoothly and give good results.
  • Clean and well maintained floor, stairs, walkways, cat ways, doors, windows; lifts, Latrines, urinals, washing facilities, furniture, record, dress; first-aid and protective equipment’s. Proper layout of materials, tools and process flow certainly avoid many accidents.

Management of Housekeeping

Management of Housekeeping

  • Constant monitoring and control of hazardous chemicals, their processes and contaminants released in atmosphere can minimize many hazards.
  • Much floor space or area utilized because of proper access to inclines and equipment’s for cleaning and maintenance purpose.
  • The fine and sophisticated instruments, equipment’s and personal protective equipment’s give better results when kept in good condition and checked regularly.
  • Accidents due to stepping on or striking against objects or fall of persons and objects would be controlled.
  • Time spent in locating tools, appliances and wastage of effort controlled resulting in increase of efficiency.
  • Damage to person and property likely to occur due to disorder reduced resulting in total damage or loss control.
  • Conservation
  • It is an essential routine support of industrial safety and health.” A large number and wide range of accidents owing to bad housekeeping can be eliminated by good housekeeping.
  • It aids to good
  • ¬†of material property improves resulting in better capacity utilization.
  • Loss due to misplacement of costly items would reduced due to proper placement and order.
  • Losses due to out break of fires could controlled to a great extent by proper housekeeping.
  • Minimization of loss on this account alone justifies the effort.
  • Sale values of materials and machines do not get reduce, even if scrap/ when they properly maintained.
  • Overall life and utility of plant, building and equipment’s increased due to good housekeeping.
  • Good housekeeping is not possible without management policy, planning, efforts, responsibility, follow up and overall co-operation of all plant people.

This is explained below:

Management Policy and Responsibility:-

Merely wishing good housekeeping is not sufficient. Certain policy must established and followed. Aids and equipment’s necessary for good housekeeping must be provided. The management must recognize the need and results stated above and must accept responsibility of planning a definite housekeeping program and of enforcing it by proper division of responsibility the need and results stated above and must accept responsibility of planning a definite housekeeping program and of enforcing it by proper division of responsibilities and procedures and following up and evaluation.

This will remove the confusion arising due to absence of firm policies. Lack of follow up and co-ordination between departments, non-fixing of responsibilities etc. For good orderliness and cleanliness the management must arrange.

Management of Housekeeping :

  • Proper layout of work area.
  • Marking of aisles, ways and storage arenas.
  • Cabinets’ and holders for tools and equipment’s Storage arrangements for materials.
  • Containers for materials in process.
  • Efficient Sequence of operations to avoid bottlenecks.
  • Anticipation of waste, scrap, dust, spillage, splashes etc. and inclusion of means of their control stated in subsequent.
  • Efficient transportation of the raw material, finished products and refuse.
  • Efficient cleaning methods including vacuum cleaners, etc. and without interrupting the production schedule.
  • Careful training of workers. This is a sample list which may modified according to the particular requirements of a plant.

Good housekeeping cannot left to the unplanned activities of persons employed. It is a management responsibility. It should laid out in such a way that it is easy for order and cleanliness’ to observed. A good housekeeping committee, Competition, rewards, allowance and individual and group incentives for good housekeeping plays an important role to increase and maintain good housekeeping.

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