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National Environment Tribunal Act 1991

National Environment Tribunal Act 1991

Public Liability Insurance Act 1991

In National Environment Tribunal Act 1991, Responsibility oil the management of hazardous process industry to provide insurance coverage to surrounding community in case of damage to it from hazardous events occurring in the industry.

National Environment Tribunal Act

Poisons Act 1919 & Rules

Mainly deals with sale of poisons the substances specified in Class A and Class B list of hazardous substances which deemed to poisonous. Most of the hazardous (toxic) inorganic and organic chemicals produced in industry are appearing in poisonous substances list. Most of drugs bases, intermediates included in the Class A list.

Petroleum Act 1934 & Rules 1976

Deals with safety obligations and measures in importing, possessing (includes storage) and transfer; (transportation, sales etc. includes of Petroleum Class A,B,C and any liquid of flammable nature produced from petroleum or any product of petroleum (Lube oil of F.P.200o F or more excluded).

The Miscellaneous Acts & Rules role in industries

The Industrial Disputes Act 1947 regulates how employers may address industrial disputes such as lockouts, lay-offs, retrenchment etc. It controls the lawful processes for reconciliation, adjudication of labour disputes.

According to fundamental rules (FR 17A) of the civil service of India, a period of unauthorized absence

(i) in the case of employees working in industrial establishments, during a strike which has been declared illegal under the provisions of the Industrial Disputes Act, 1947, or any other law for the time being in force;

(ii) in the case of other employees as a result of action in combination or in concerted manner; such as during a strike, without any authority from, or valid reason to the satisfaction of the competent authority; shall be deemed to cause an interruption or break in the service of the employee. Unless otherwise decided by the competent authority for the purpose of leave travel concession, quasi-permanency and eligibility for appearing in departmental examinations. For which a minimum period of continuous service required.

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