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Organizational role of Safety & Health Management in Industries

The Organizational role of Safety & Health Management in Industries

General safety Guidelines for Organizational role of Safety

In every organization a set of rules must well formed to promote safety of employees and prevent the direct and indirect costs of accident.

Following points should taken into consideration while formulating safety rules.

The safety Guidelines should be such that employees appreciate it and accept without any resistance.

Safety Guidelines should be such that it does not cause annoyance to an employee

The safety Guidelines must be well defined.

The safety Guidelines should keep pace with changing environments and conditions.

Organizational role of Safety

Dress for general safety

Following points should used as guideline to workers and supervisors for Organizational role of Safety-

  • Smoking should strictly prohibited, particularly near chemical or combustible materials separate place should be available for smoking.
  • Personnel protective equipment like safety glasses, respirators, aprons, shoes and gloves must always used, depending upon type of work.
  • Electrical connections and insulation should checked at regular intervals.
  • Electrical equipment must operated by electric department personnel only.
  • Safety guards must provided on all rotating parts such as pulleys, gear boxes etc.
  • Loose dress must never use while working on machine.
  • Material handling equipment should have unobstructed path for movement.
  • Place the tools at its proper position.
  • Prompt first aid attention must paid to any injured person.

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