Personal protection for Ear

By | June 15, 2021

Personal protection for ear (for the receiver)

Personal protection for Ear: The two major methods of personnel protection are the provision of a quiet room or peace haven d the wearing of ear muffs or ear plugs. The peace haven similar in construction to an acoustic enclosure and used to keep the noise out. Ear-muffs or ear- plugs should regarded only as tile resort to noise control. Their selection should made with care having regard to the no Source, the environment and comfort of the wearer.

Ear Plugs:

Ear plugs are ear protectors inserted in the ear canal and may be of disposable or re- usable types. While selecting the ear plugs apart from the attenuation it can achieve following consideratioris Are to be made before use:

  1. Comfort
  2. durability
  3. Chemical stability
  4.  hygiene.

Personal protection for Ear by using Ear Plugs

Ear plugs are only generally effective up to noise levels of 100 – 105 dBA. While ear muffs can provide protection at higher noise levels to meet a 90 dBA; criterion for noise received by the wearer. The following types of ear plugs are available:

Personal protection for Ear by using Pre-Fabricated Ear Plugs

The best pre-fabricated ear plugs for general industrial use are’ available in three to five different sites and made from soft, flexible, chemically inert semi rigid plastic or rubber. They conform in many different ear canal shapes providing snug airtight and comfortable fit. These plugs must be non-toxic, smooth at surface and easily cleared with soap and water. Attenuation may vary from 15-35 dBA

Disposable and Malleable Ear Plugs

These types of ear plug usually fashioned from low cost materials such as cotton, was glass, wool, polyurethane foam and mixtures of these and other materials. Malleable and disposable ear plug reasonably comfortable and capable of providing attenuation values of 15 to 35 dBA protection provided depends on the material used and fitment of the plug in the ear canal.

Individually Mounded Ear Plug

These usually made from some form of silicone Rubber and actually mounded in a permanent form within the ear canal. The main advantages of individually mounded ear plugs are fitment and psychological appeal to the wearer. Attenuation achieved 15-35 dBA.

Semi Insert Protectors

Semi Insert Protectors

They usually consist of two conical soft rubber caps attached to a narrow headband which presses them against the entrance to the ear canal. Semi – insert protectors have the advantage that one size will fit the majority of ears. But it is not very comfortable to use.

Personal protection for Ear by using Ear-Muffs

Ear Muffs consist of rigid caps to cover the external ear held in position by a sprung head-band The caps have acoustic seats of polyurethane foam or a liquid filled annular Sac. Ear-muffs normally used for protection of ear from high and dangerous noise level.Ear-Muffs

Advantages of Ear-muffs depend upon the force with which they pressed against the sides of the head and fitment of the seats with the sides of the ear.

Advantages provided by Ear-muffs  are the provision of greatest protection and universal use for different people.

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