Principles and Need of Machine Guarding

By | April 14, 2021

Principles of Machine Guarding

Principles of Machine Guarding: The basic steps to prevent accident are:

  • Eliminate the hazard from the machine method, material, structure etc.
  • Control the hazard by enclosing or guarding it at its source
  • Train personnel to know that hazard and to follow the safe job method to avoid it and Use personal protective equipment necessary.
  • Thus machine guarding is one of the basic step to eliminate hazard.
  • Actually the machine should be so designed that all safety points are incorporated by built-in-safety principle and need of extra guards is minimum.
  • A machine safety check-list given by the NSC, USA is more effective. It suggests:
  • Design the machine so that it is impossible for an operator to get at the point of operation or any other hazard point while the machine is working
  • Design the machine so that comers and edges are rounded.
  • Locate machine controls so that the operator will not be in the vicinity of the point of operation while actuating the controls
  • Place the control so that the operator will not have to reach too far or move his body off balance in order to operate the machine
  • Design the machine for single point lubrication
  • Design mechanical, instead of manual holding devices
  • Build power transmission and drive mechanisms as integral parts of the machine Build overload device into the’ machine
  • Design a mechanical devices for feeding and ejecting parts so as to eliminate the use of hands for such operations
  • Provide fail safe inter locks so that the machine cannot be started when it sis being loaded or unloaded or being worked, on.
  • Provide a grounding system for all electrical equipment’s
  • Minimize motor drive-time
  • Provide standard access platform and ladders for inspection and maintenance of equipment
  • Design component parts of equipment for easy and safe removal and replacement to facilitate maintenance and
  • Reduces sources of excessive noise, vibration, heat etc. Such built-in-care in construction principles of a machine or equipment should also ensure that it will Cause no harm to the environment. No discomfort to the operator, no, operational contingencies, no contact with overheated or cooled surface. No electrical accident and no access to the danger zone

Need and Importance of Machine Guarding:

Basic need of machine guarding is to protect against contact with the dangerous and moving parts; of a machine work in process and failure due to mechanical, electrical, chemical or human causes; the guards remove workers fear and thereby increase the production. They allow the operation higher speeds and compensate .the expenditure on guarding.

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