Employees participation in safety

By | May 22, 2021

Employees participation in safety

Employees participation in safety/Role of supervisors: The efficiency of any strategy is based on the close monitoring techniques applied to the system. Once, the strategies are defined and put into operation the management should take feedback information about the effectiveness. If the effectiveness is not satisfactory, necessary modification may be made on safety measures. For measuring the effectiveness of accident prevention programs and their appraisal various tools such as inspection, safety survey and safety audits can be applied.

Role of supervisors in safety:

Supervisors considered to be the backbone of the industry. Their role is to bridge the management and the workers. The success of a safety program depends mainly on the effectively of a supervisor.

  • Supervisors has to translate the objectives of the management into practice by effectively carrying out the assigned job.
  • He has to instruct his workers about the work methods and procedures.
  • He has to maintain discipline among the workers, under his control.

Employees participation in safety and Role of supervisors in safety

  • Supervisors has to supply necessary material and requirement to a worker for carrying out the assigned jobs.
  • He has to keep up the schedule of target for the job under his supervision.
  • He has to control and cost of the job.
  • Apart from the above duties connected with the production side a supervisor should follow the following rules on the safety of his workers.
  • He has to guide his workers in doing a job in the correct and safe way.
  • He has to supply suitable personal protective equipment to his workers based on the nature of the work.
  • Safety helmet, safety belt, safety shoes, gloves, apron, goggles etc., are some of the common personal protective equipment needed by the workers.

Supervisors Role in Industries:

A Supervisor should ensure that these personal protective equipment made of suitable material of the required safety standards. He has also to maintain these equipment properly by subjecting them to periodical examination. He should ensure that these equipment’s made use of by his workers by convincing them about the advantages of using them.

Supervisors should conduct periodical safety meetings with the representatives of the workers and bring the problems of the workers to the notice of the management whenever necessary.

He should conduct safety inspection of his working area in order to improve housekeeping, lighting and ventilation etc., he should coordinate with the maintenance department for the safe running of machines and provide necessary safety guards to cover the dangerous part of the machines. He should be familiar with the first-aid techniques and render first-aid to the injured persons, due to accidents before sending them to the hospital.

In case of an accident, he should prepare an accident report and send the same to the department concerned. He should investigate the accident and find out the possible cause for the accident. He should try to avoid similar accidents being repeated.

If the same worker gets into accident frequently, the supervisor should try to assign him a different job in consultation with the management.

A supervisor should know what to do in the event of a fire accident. He should know the basic fire-fighting methods to put out small fires. In case of major fires he should inform the same to fire service personnel without any delay.

Prevention is better than cure. A supervisor should not wait for an accident to take place to draw lesson out of it. He should be able to foresee the situation, which will result in bringing about and accident. He should try to familiarize himself not only in the field of industrial safety. But also about the general safety which includes the rules and regulations; about road safety, general safety etc. the more the supervisor acquires the knowledge, the better will be safety performance.

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