Safety Engineer’s Role

By | March 26, 2021

Safety Engineer’s Role

Need for Overall Co-Operation:

After setting up of policy and program for good housekeeping and division of responsibility to implementation and compliance up to the floor level. It becomes necessary that ail plant ,people must whole-hearted co-operate for the success and achievement of good housekeeping in every corner and at all times.

Supervision and cleaning arrangement for working areas and sanitary facilities are essential. It Is necessary to maintain interest of plant people for such co-operation.

Voluntary motivation, good relations, awards, incentives and competition binds the co-operation of safety engineer/officer, supervisors and workers; in their respective areas is most important for overall efforts of good housekeeping. They are explained below in brief.

Safety Engineer's Role

Safety Engineer’s Role:

A safety engineer has to play an important role by:

1. Suggesting the best housekeeping Policy, procedure and equipment’s to the tip management.

2. Co-operating in finalizing the policy and planning including pre-planning space requirements and facility requirements for good housekeeping.

3. Implementing the policy, procedure and programs through supervisors, workers and all concerned throughout the plant.

4. Advising and assisting all plant people for their co-operation in good housekeeping efforts.

5. Solving the problems by appropriate design, layout, planning and purchase for good housekeeping.

6. Arranging supervision, competition, award and incentive schemes to improve housekeeping and maintain interest.

7. Arranging regular and special inspections, checklists, rating forms and records for good housekeeping.

Safety Engineer’s Role in House Keeping:

A. Clean premises, Machines, equipment’s and orderly layout.

B. Clean and hygienic sanitary facilities, bathrooms, cloak rooms, mess rooms etc.’ is the.

C. Storage places for raw material properly classified.

D. Cabinets’ and holders for tools and portable equipment’s.

E. Containers for materials in process and products.

F. Containers for materials in process and products.

G. Prompt removal of dirt, dust, refuse, splashes, wastes and materials.

H. Careful training of workers and.

I. Maintenance of plant including lighting, painting and motivation for good housekeeping.

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