Safety in Construction Industries and Responsibilities of Safety Engineer

By | June 16, 2021

Safety in Construction industries:

Safety in Construction Industries: Construction work means any work carried out in connection with the construction, alteration, conversion, fitting-out, commissioning, renovation, repair, maintenance, refurbishment, demolition, decommissioning or dismantling of a structure.Safety in Construction Industries

The definition of construction work is broad and includes:

  • Any installation or testing carried out in connection with an activity mentioned above
  • The removal from the workplace of any product or waste resulting from demolition
  • The prefabrication or testing of elements, at a place specifically established for the construction work, for use in construction work
  • The assembly of prefabricated elements to form a structure, of the disassembly of prefabricated elements forming part of a structure
  • Any work connected with an excavation
  • The installation, testing or maintenance of an essential service in relation to a structure
  • Any work connected with any preparatory work or site preparation (including landscaping as part of site preparation) carried out in connection with an activity mentioned above
  • Any activity mentioned above that is carried out on, under or near water, including work on buoys and obstructions to navigation.

Safety Management in Construction:

  • Safety helmets, shoes, belts should be given to the workers to avoid the causes of injuries
  • Do not interfere with firefighting equipment and electrical circuits
  • Proper labour shed has to be provided to the labour
  • Proper ventilation, lighting facilities, drinking water and sanitary facilities should be provided to the labour
  • Ensures Implementation of law of the land with respect to safety and health.
  • Create safety organization with Health and First aid facilities.
  • Adequate budget.

Safety in Construction Industries

  • Standard, quality & timely supply of personnel protective equipment.
  • Neat based and adequate safety auditing and training to site management team & others
  • Organization for housekeeping and deployment of qualified P& M person.
  • Incident and injury free work place.
  • Safety promotional activities.
  • Availability of recognized health care center.
  • Adequate provision of fire prevention systems.
  • No child labour.
  • No smoking
  • Appropriate badges for identification of JMC staffs, contractors and others.
  • Formation of safely committee.
  • A Workers will covered under occupation accident policy.
  • Monitoring of implementation
  • A Good housekeeping should maintained at all situations.

Responsibilities of Safety Engineer:

  • Before commencing any work on site, Safety Officer appointed who will ensure the safety measures at site
  • The safety measures to adapted at the site will the responsibilities of the Engineer executing the work
  • The safety officer will go for safety rounds all over the site every day and advise the concerned

Responsibilities of Safety Engineer

  • Supervisor regarding any unsafe act or condition and the remedial action required will implemented.
  • Safety trainings will conducted to all workers and staff before they start their work and as well as at regular intervals.
  • Those records of trainings will maintained by safety officer.

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