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Safety precautions while working at Scaffold

What are the Safety precautions while working at Scaffold?

With all of these safety practices in place, working on a scaffold can be a high without the dangerous lows:-

  • Follow the manufacturer’s instructions when erecting the scaffold.
  • Do not work on scaffolds outside during stormy or windy weather.Safety precautions while working at Scaffold
  • Do not climb on scaffolds that wobble or lean to one side. Initially inspect the scaffold prior to mounting it.
  • Use your safety belts and lanyards when working on scaffolding at a height of 10 feet or more above ground level.
  • Do not use a scaffold if any pulley, block, hook or fitting is visibly worn, cracked, rusted or otherwise damaged.
  • Do not use a scaffold if any rope is frayed, torn or visibly damaged.
  • Do not use any scaffold tagged “Out of Service“.
  • Do not use unstable objects such as barrels, boxes, loose brick or concrete blocks to support scaffolds or planks.
  • Do not work on platforms or scaffolds unless they are fully planked.
  • Do not use a scaffold unless guardrails and all flooring are in place. Level the scaffold after each move.

Safety precautions while working at Scaffold

  • Do not extend adjusting leg screws more than 12 inches, High scaffold
  • Do not walk or work beneath a scaffold unless a wire mesh has been installed between the mid-rail and the toe-board or planking.
  • Attach the lanyard to a secure member of the scaffold. Do not climb the cross braces for access to the scaffold. Use the ladder.
  • Do not jump from, to, or between scaffolding.
  • Do not slide down cables, ropes or guys used for bracing.
  • Keep both feet on the decking.
  • Do not sit or climb on the guardrails.
  • Keep the scaffold free of scraps, loose tools, tangled lines and other obstructions.
  • Do not throw anything “overboard” unless a spotter is available.
  • Do not move a mobile scaffold if anyone is on the scaffold. Chock the wheels of the rolling scaffold, using the wheel blocks, and also lock the wheels by using your foot to depress the wheel-lock, before using the scaffold.

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