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Social Security and Its History


Social security is a concept enshrined in Article 22, of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights which states. “Everyone, as a member of society, has the right to social security and entitled to realization through national effort”.¬†International co-operation and in accordance with the organization and resources of each State, of the economic. social and cultural rights. Indispensable for his dignity and for free development of his personality which states as,

 Social security

  • Any of the measures established by legislation to maintain individual or family income or to provide income when some or all sources of income are disrupted or terminated or when exceptionally heavy expenditures have to be incurred as in bringing up children or paying for health care.
  • Social security may provide cash benefits to persons faced with sickness and disability, unemployment, crop failure, loss of the marital partner, maternity, responsibility for the care of young children or retirement from work.
  • Social security benefits may be provided in cash or kind for medical need, rehabilitation, domestic help during illness at home, legal aid or funeral expenses.

The History of Social security

The History of Social security

What is the History of Social security ?

  • Germany was the first country to introduce Social security scheme (1883).
  • Each member of particular trade (blacksmiths, painters, weavers etc.) required to contribute at regular intervals.
  • Money from this fund used for food, lodging, hospital and feneral expenses of aged and disabled members.
  • In USA, Social Security Act came into existence in 1935. (years not important, this is only fodder material for Essay).
  • Social Security in India.
  • India has always a Joint Family system that took care of the social security needs.

The signatories agreed that society in which a person lives should help them to develop and to make the most of all the advantage. Like culture, work, social welfare offered to them in the country. Social security may also refer to the action programs of government intended to promote the welfare of the population through assistance measures guaranteeing access to sufficient resources for food and shelter. To promote health and well-being for the population at large. Potentially vulnerable segments such as children, the elderly, the sick and the unemployed. Services providing social security are often called social services the International Labour Organization (ILO) defined the traditional contingencies covered by social security as including:

The Social Security in India & Its History

The Social Security in India

India has social security system, mixed of a number of schemes and programs spread through various types of laws and regulations. The government controlled social security system in India applies to a small population. The accepted concept of the social security system includes not just an insurance payment of premiums into government funds but also lump sum employer obligations. India has social security schemes covering the below types of social insurances-

  • Pension.
  • Welfare of labour including.
  • Health Insurance and Medical.
  • Conditions of work.
  • Maternity. Gratuity.
  • Disability.
  • Provident funds.
  • Employers’ liability.

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