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Supply and Use of Energy

Supply and Use of Energy:

Testing of Installation and Connection in Supply and Use of Energy:

On receipt of an application for a new or additional supply connections the supplier has to inspect and test the applicant’s installation. He may ask the applicant to make modifications in order to render the installation safe.

use of electricity

Switch Board installations:

Every switch board shall installed as follows:

  • A clear space of at least 0.914 meter in width must be left in front of the switch board.
  • If the bare connections are at the back of the switch board, the space behind the board should be either less than 23 cm or more than 76 cm in width from the wall. In the latter case, there should be a passage way from either end of the switch board.

Variation in Frequency:

The actual frequency of an A.C. supply should not vary more than 3% of the declared frequency.

Sealing of Meters and Cut-outs:

Suppliers may seal to any cut off or meter and it is the responsibility of consumer to see that seal is not broken by any person except supplier.

Variation of Voltages:

Actual voltage should not vary beyond 4% of the declared voltage for low and medium voltage and not beyond 12.5% for high and extra voltages.


  • A person breaking seal shall be punishable with a fine up to Rs. 200 and the consumer, when himself has not broken the seal shall be punishable with a fine up to Rs. 50.
  • Any person who violated the specified rules shall be punishable for every such act with a fine of Rs. 300.

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