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Types of Guards

Types of Guards: Total machine safety can explained as follows: Safety by Construction: It indicates parts’ so constructed as to cause no hazard, viz shaft, sliding- and link mechanism so located or with slew speed that their contact is net dangerous, Built-in-safety is he similar work for designing and constructing new machinery in such a… Read More »

Characteristics of Guards

Requisite Characteristics of Guards: The Twelve Characteristics of Guards, specifications or basic requirements of a guard are: With its primary purpose of protection, it should also facilitate the work i.e. Should be convenient, reliable and not hampering the work or production It should fully satisfy the legal provisions and IS prescribed i.e. Should a complete… Read More »

Importance of Machine Guarding

Need and Importance of Machine Guarding: Need and Importance of Machine Guarding: Basic need of machine guarding is to protect against contact with the dangerous and moving parts of a machine work in process and failure due to mechanical, electrical, chemical or human causes, the guards remove workers fear and thereby increase the production. They… Read More »

Principles and Need of Machine Guarding

Principles of Machine Guarding Principles of Machine Guarding: The basic steps to prevent accident are: Eliminate the hazard from the machine method, material, structure etc. Control the hazard by enclosing or guarding it at its source Train personnel to know that hazard and to follow the safe job method to avoid it and Use personal… Read More »

Ergonomics of Machine Guarding

Ergonomics of machine guarding: As explained by W.T. Singleton in ILO Encyclopedia, literal meaning of ‘ergonomics‘ is the study – measurement- organization of work. Ergonomics of machine guarding is concerned with making purposeful human activities more effective. The focus of. study is the person interacting with the engineering environment. The designer should consider complexity arising… Read More »