The Boiler Act, 1923

By | December 25, 2020

The Boiler Act

Boiler act came in force in 1923. It insists on the registration and regular inspection of all boilers except those installed in ships or under control of railway and military. The act is applicable to all boilers, feed pipes, steam pipes and to II economizers. The act authorises the State Govt. to appoint inspectors to carry out the inspection and other provisions of the act.

Registration of Boilers

The boilers have to be registered before they can be used. The owner of the boiler has to apply for the registration. The inspector shall examine the boiler and find theĀ  maximum pressure at which the boiler may be worked. The inspector will then submit e report to the chief inspector. The owner will then get a certificate in the prescribed for which authorizes him to use the boiler for one year at certain maximum pressure.

The Boiler Act

Certificate of Renewal

The certificates issued to the employer for using the boiler shall be renewed:

  1. If the boiler transferred from one state to another.
  2. After every year.
  3. If some accident occurs or boiler pipes etc. do not remain in safe condition.
  4. If some alternations done in boiler parts, etc.

Restrictions of Boilers

  1. A boiler cannot be used unless boiler registered, and a certificate obtained to that effect.
  2. If this transferred from one state to another, the owner not allowed to use it unless it reported to the registering authority.
  3. It cannot be used at pressures higher than that prescribed by the authority.
  4. Only a person having a competent certificate allows to operate the boiler.

Duties of Boiler Inspector

  1. The boiler Inspector should see that all boilers registered to people.
  2. He should make sure that all boilers are working according to the provisions of the act.
  3. Boiler Inspector should check and examine boilers, their parts, mounting and accessories etc.
  4. He should advise the owner of boilers in the matters of boiler maintenance, cleaning and unkeep.

Duties of Chief Inspector

  1. The chief inspector has to maintain records of all registered boilers.
  2. The boiler inspector has to examine boiler inspection reports submitted by the inspectors.
  3. He has to decide whether to issue the certificate for the operation of the boiler or not.

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