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The Calcium Carbide Rules

What are Calcium Carbide Rules?

The Calcium Carbide Rules at 1987as below describes as-

Calcium Carbide has been declared as inflammable substance under the Inflammable Substances Act and the Petroleum Act has been made applicable to it. Calcium Carbide in contact with moisture generates acetylene gas which has wider range of explosives limits. Approval of receptacles for packing Calcium Carbide and licensing for storage of calcium carbide are the jobs entrusted to the Organization under these rules.

Calcium Carbide Rules

The Cinematography Film Rules

Storage and transport of Cinematography Films having nitrocellulose base pose potential mass fire hazard. The storage and transport of such films governed under these Rules and licensing of storage premises done by this Organization. The Nitrocellulose based films replaced by safety films (Polyester) since times. These rules have become redundant and recommended for its deletion.

Advisory Role in Calcium Carbide Rules:

With the expertise in specialized technical and safety aspects to prevent fire and explosions of Explosives, Petroleum, Calcium Carbide, Gas Cylinders, Pressure Vessels and other hazardous substances. The Organization acts as a unique Advisory body not only to the industry. But also to the Government and Semi-Government bodies within the ambit of Acts and Rules administered by this Organization. The Chief Controller of Explosives, the member of the Central Crisis Group constituted by the Ministry of Environment. And other officers also represent in the State level and District level Crisis Management Groups.

The Organization takes leading roles in formulation and revision of standards for Bureau of Indian Standards, Oil Industry Safety Directorate, National Safety Council etc. Related to manufacture, refining, processing, storage, transportation, handling, testing, , pipelines, gases, gas cylinders, safety fittings, special electric equipments. The Organization renders necessary guidance to RDSO in designing of explosives wagons as well as petroleum and LPG tank wagons.

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