The Safety Education | Safety training

By | May 28, 2021

The Safety Education

All employees are entitled to know about the hazards related to their job and to have the means to perform their duties safely. To ensure that this goal is met, the district will maintain a program of safety education and orientation for all staff.

In order to continue to create a safety Community; all employees of organizations complete the Safety Education Program annually. Safety Education connects student organizations to prevention resources by engaging with by standee intervention and risk reduction practices and Safety Education Leadership Workshop.

Safety Education is the process of broadening and adding to one’s Safety knowledge for the purpose of developing a vivid awareness of the importance of eliminating accidents and a mental The Safety_Education Library or create an opportunity to present it to your alertness in recognizing and correcting conditions and practices that might lead to injury.

 Safety Education


Safely training is the process of developing one’s skill in the use of safe methods and in the application of safe practices to work activities.

Safety Engineering aims at total awareness of Safety and the same can be achieved through safety_education and training. Education improves the knowledge of the worker whereas safety training improves the skill of the workers in safe practice. working employees at all times.

  • A supervisor will be able to spread Safety Education in the following ways. The best person to spread safety knowledge in the supervision who is in direct contact with the
  • The employee is to inform about the safety precautions involved in each element of operation.
  • The supervision should demonstrate step by step as to how a job can be done safely.
  • The employees should explained about the advantage of using a safety equipment. Such as PPE’s, goggles, helmet, safety belt, safety shoes, gloves etc.
  • The employee should corrected when they do job in a wrong unsafe way.

Apart from the above mentioned work spot safety_education and training the following additional measures will help in spreading the safety education.

Safety training:

  • Induction training for new employees Safe handling of chemicals / inflammable equipment’s
  • Operating procedures like starting, shut-down and emergency shutdown procedures
  • Procedures for reporting emergencies Knowledge of alarm systems
  • Use of fire-fighting equipment
  • Permit procedures
  • Use of personal/protective equipment
  • Decontamination procedures of protective clothing and equipment
  • Evacuation procedures

First aid training is another area which requires special attention in safety training.

Training for emergencies is to enable employees at various levels to understand their roles in the response organization. The tasks associated with each position and procedures for maintaining effective communication with the response functions and individuals.

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