The Safety plan in Industries

By | May 22, 2021

Safety plan in Industries

Safety plan in Industries: A good planning is the forerunner of an efficient administration. Drafting up of a safety and Health Policy is the first step. The policy will indicate the intention and responsibility of management in up keeping the safety performance of the company and in taking hazardous situations. Forecasting of accident opportunities is the next step. For this, the hazards involved in the industries need to be known. The job hazard studies and studies of historical past of similar old industries may yield valuable data. The incident investigation, the safety surveys, plant inspection, accident report form, accident analysis etc., are guidelines. These can reveal symptoms like unsafe action and unsafe conditions, sub causes like failure of persons and also root causes like Management failures and problems in situational and individual factors behind accident.

Analysis of collected data will help to forecast the accidents. Some of the accidents may be repetitive in nature. Others may be less frequent but may result into severe injuries or losses. Some operational procedures and. agencies may be highly hazardous. The accidents of frequent and service nature easily draw our. But, by safety In Industries we mean prevention and control of all types of accidents, whether they are severe, minor repetitive or casual ones.Safety plan in Industries

Once accident source are forecast and achievable target shall be set up accident prevention program. The high frequency accidents coupled with high severity ones are very disastrous, Prevention of such accidents must be out primary objective. For the minor, repetitive and causal accidents our aim must be immediate control of their frequency and severity. For achieving the set target various strategies may be formulated viz.., pre-accident, post-accident. and specific hazard control strategies. These strategies will represent broad area of enterprises operation and general program of action for controlling hazards.

The pre-accident strategies aim at removing both symptomatic and root causes. The symptomatic causes like unsafe action and unsafe conditions should be removed as a primary step because they are the immediate causes behind accidents.

Generally, short term measures may be sufficient to remove these changes, changes in work culture, reallocation of work to employees etc. The long term approaches will bring lasting remedies and will stop further growth in symptom and thereby prevent accident.

Safety planning

Strategies may be needed even after the event of accidents. The injured employees may need first aid and subsequent medical attention. Steps may needed for putting back the plant and machinery in normal working condition. Reporting of accidents, accident investigation and recording of relevant data will be necessary not only for future reference but also for accident prevention purposes. All these aspects may included in post-accident strategies.

Industries having high potential hazardous sources are unique in nature. They necessitate special and specific strategies. The pre-accident strategies in such situations are sometimes much sophisticated and need close monitoring accidents, once they occur, may demand specific control measures. Fire hazards control strategies at different stages of accidents must designated ratio various rehearsals on stimulated accident situations. Experiences from past-accident situations are also useful for devising such strategies.

Controlling of the working environment also need specific strategies. Bad working environment may produce occupational diseases, as indicated in the Factories Act 1948, In a broad sense the industrial safety includes the causes, protection of workmen from occupational diseases also. Hence at the time of planning, the employer may have to consider this point seriously. Product liability to management is yet another aspect of importance needing special attention.

Unlike other tasks safety can achieved only through voluntary and willful attitude of all human resources of any establishment. Hence it becomes important to create awareness an degenerate interest among the employees and the managerial levels. Various psychological techniques needed to adopted while implementing the strategies.

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