Top-Most Industrial Disaster of the World

By | January 7, 2021

Top Most Industrial Disasters of the World

Benxihu Colliery Disaster:Benxihu Colliery Disaster

The second on the list is the worst industrial disaster in the history of coal mining, the Benxihu Colliery disaster. On April 26, 1942, a coal dust and gas explosion in the mine of Benxihu Colliery situated in Benxi Liaoning, China killed 1,549 people. Out of which 31 people were Japanese and rest Chinese. Most deaths were caused because of the poisoning of Carbon Monoxide due to shutting the ventilation after the first blast.

Texas City Accident:

The Texas City Disaster was the worst industrial accident in US history. The unpleasant incident happened on April 16, 1947, when explosion an took SS Grandcamp which was docked in the Port of Texas City. The fire ignited around 2,300 tons of ammonium nitrate and the subsequent chain reaction of

Texas City Accident

fires and explosions took the lives of at least 581 people while more than 3,500 people were injured. It also triggered the first

ever class action lawsuit against the US government, under the then enacted FTCA, on behalf of 8,485 place in a vessel sufferers.

San Juanico Disaster:

The San Juanico Disaster occurred on November 19, 1984 in San Juanico, Mexico due to a substantial series of blasts at a Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) tank farm. The explosions damaged the facility and devastated the local town of San Juan Ixhuatepec, killing 500 to 600 people, and hurting 5000 to7000 due to severe burns. This disaster is considered as one of the deadliest and the worst industrial disasters in the world history.

Courrieres Mine Incident:

The worst mining disaster in European history, the Courier mine disaster caused the death of 1099 miners, mainly children on 10th March 1906 in Northern France. The primary cause of the disaster cannot be determined with utter certainty as most of the witnesses are not alive. However, the cause of the destruction is generally agreed to be an explosion of coal dust which swept through the mine.

Seveso Disaster:

Seveso in Italy suffered one of the major catastrophic industrial disasters on July 10, 1976 in a small chemical manufacturing plant of ICMESA due to the release of dioxins (TCDD) into the plain and atmosphere. Around 3300 farm animals died mostly rabbits and poultry and later 80,000 animals slaughtered to avoid TCDD from entering the food chain.

Exxon Valdez Oil Spill:

The Exxon Valdez oil spill took place in Prince William Sound, Alaska, on March 24, 1989, when an oil tanker; the Exxon Valdez bound for Long Beach, California, US smacked Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound; and trickled 260,000 to 750,000 barrels of crude oil. As a result 100,000 to 250,000 seabirds killed. The disastrous effects of this incident still felt in the sea.

Enschede Fireworks Disaster:

The Enschede fireworks disaster was blast at the SE Fireworks depot on May 13, 2000 in Enschede, the eastern city of Dutch. The explosion killed 23 people and injured 947 people. The explosion had so much strength that it destroyed 40 hectare area around the warehouse, damaging 1500 homes and leaving 1250 people homeless. Damages of around Euro 450 million believed to have occurred. a disastrous fireworks.

Chernobyl Accident:Chernobyl Accident

On April 26, 1986 at the Chernobyl Nuclear plant in Prypiat; Ukraine (then Ukranian SSR) a trial on a nuclear reactor went out of control ensuing in a catastrophic nuclear meltdown. As per the Chernobyl forum the estimated death due to radiation is almost 50 people. But the estimated deaths due to radiation induced leukemia and cancer is 3940. The lot of people exposed to it was an astounding 600,000. The fallout discovered as far away as Canada !

Port Chicago Disaster:

The Port Chicago disaster during the World War II was a fatal armaments explosion that happened on July 17, 1944. At the Port Chicago Naval Magazine in Chicago, California, US. Armaments exploded while loaded on a transport vessel bound for the Pacific Theater of Operations. Taking the lives of 320 civilians and sailors and harming 390 others. The majority of the injured and dead found to be African-American sailors.

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